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SafeReliance is an asset recovery firm based in The Hague, Netherlands, licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Justice and the European Commission (Company Number KVK 78091624) and specializes in cases in The European Union and globally.


There are many strategies scam companies use to steal your money – but that doesn’t mean that your funds are lost forever. Our mission is to provide our clients with a proven way to recover their assets. SafeReliance investigates cases through financial forensic analysis and assists in processing recovery claims through the banks, insurance underwriters, and private sector companies that are liable for the financial damages that the victims incurred.

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In the scope of our services, educational consultations are also available, which can be done online or live, depending on the client's needs.

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We have a team of experienced specialist advisors from various professional backgrounds.

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We have close access to the other site of the disputes

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Our experts have vast working knowledge in cryptocurrency transactions, and financial intelligence.

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We provide and implement an effective solution, along with guidelines and recommendations for future user activities

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Due to the variety and complexity of problems that are associated with a limited or complete lack of access to funds, but also due to the nominal value of funds that are recoverable, we negotiate the price terms of our service. By default, we collect 25% of the value of recovered funds.